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Meaning 鼠

Nezumi means rat or mouse in Japanese and because it’s my own Chinese zodiac sign, I have chosen this cute animal : a symbol of longevity, kindness and optimism. Welcome to the homepage of Nezumi Records !

Nezumi’s music styles

Buying, collecting and selling records has been a passion for years now. I started on ebay in 2002 and switched to discogs in 2010. In 2006, I have created the reissue label Sausage Records with six releases on 7 inch format. Following a stay in Japan and using my connections over there, I have decided to sell Japanese records as well.

With Nezumi I want to focus on the music I love : Group Sounds (sixties and seventies rock bands). Psychedelic & Progressive Rock. Jazz, Funk and Soul. Drum breaks and sampling material. Movie and anime soundtracks as well as background and library music. Music for children. Traditional music. Japanese Vinyl Nezumi Records about sports, about cars, guns, trains, gangsters, samurais, sexploitation, Game music and so on. Everything that is Wamono and from the late Showa era or influenced, on (mostly) original vinyl. Either Nippon grooves or made for relaxation and spiritual purposes, I hope to cover as many subjects as possible, from the homepage of Nezumi Records.

Want Lists?

As much as I know about music, I am learning everyday, so you are more than welcome to send me your want lists or tell me about the records you dig. I will try my best to get the vinyl records you need with Nezumi.

Focus on Japanese artists

It is also my hope I can bring attention to old and new artists from the land of the rising sun. And this via the vinyl record media, as the production over there is gigantic and so fascinating to say the least.


Nezumi is a little entreprise, and will probably stay that way. Because it takes hard work and dedication to make a living out of selling vintage records, I will try to keep the prices low enough so I can carry on doing what I love, and that is to discover and share my love of music with like-minded people around the world. As you might have guessed, I’m also a DJ, so you’re welcome to listen to my mixes HERE and to visit my other record store for more sounds on glorious vinyl!

That’s all for now, so wish me luck and please :

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